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Organising an event and want to have the most WOW occasion possible? Get a supplier to organise the decor, lighting and entrance foyer...

Here at KayDeeElle we take you through what to expect on the way to having a successful themed event or party. Follow us and your night should be a rocketing success.

Your supplier will take your ideas, flesh them out into a design rough, and with your final approval, build, rig and run the theme and any lighting and or staging.

On the day, this makes sure you and your guests can concentrate on what's important - enjoying yourselves :-)

So go on, give them the best - a themed party

We are your first steps to a successful out of this world event...



Here's some of the props and backdrops we suggest for use in a space themed event. All the backdrops should be painted in uv-reactive paint for maximum effect and glowing colour (needs blacklight / uv light source to really glow) - think about starcloths, too...

backdrop of jolly spacemen having a bundle of fun backdrop of jolly spacemen having a bundle of fun backdrop of jolly spacemen having a bundle of fun these jolly spacemen backdrops are around 2m square and painted in uv-reactive paint
picture based on Barbarella - who can forget her! with this hero on our side, how can we fail? this hero wins the day and rescue the lady - we like happy endings :-)
approx 2m x 1m glowing, uv-reactive backdrops of space heroes and heroines
a boys-own space hero complete with attached female a boys-own space baddie, pretending to welcome you in peace a boys-own space baddie, threatening your spaceship with destruction
Dan Dare, Barbarella and many more... backdrops to make your outer-space party go like a rocket!
a planet-rise backdrop being spray painted in uv-reactive paint by Paul, one of our resident artists
An artist doing some airbrush magic, creating a planet-rise scene.. and the finished backdrop, below..
picture of completed 5m x 2m backdrop of planet-rise and moon painted in uv-reactive paint
Apollo 11 calling Houston, come in.. picture of man on the moon
picture of twin planet-rise backdrop, again in uv-reactive paint 
more planet-rise and moon backdrops
picture of twin planet-rise and moon backdrop, again in uv-reactive paint
a spaceship you can catch to the destination of your choice..
Alpha Centauri anyone?
picture of a golden spaceship ready to transport you to the star system of your choice...
..or try one of the superluminal, holographic space rockets for that ultra-fast warp-speed trip...
picture of star prop covered in hollographic foil
picture of spaceship prop covered in hollographic foil
picture of star prop covered in hollographic foil
picture of spaceship prop covered in hollographic foil
picture of moon prop covered in hollographic foil picture of star prop covered in hollographic foil
These 2m spaceship props and 1m stars covered in hollographic foil and add to the futuristic feel
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